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Sunday Morning News

 Week of 12/09/18

Upper Room Prayer Group, Wednesday, 6:00 pm

Adult Choir Rehearsal, Wednesday, 7:00 pm.

Board of Deacons, Thursday, 6:30 pm.


Harmony Falls Concert, Monday, December 17th, 7:00 pm, in the Sanctuary.

Board of Trustees, Thursday, November 1th, 7:00 pm.

Thanksgiving Sunday, November 18th.

Christmas Cantata, December 23rd, during the Worship Service.

Youth Group Christmas Sweets Bake Sale, December 23rd, following worship.

Children’s Christmas Eve Worship Service, December 24th, 4:30 pm

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service, December 24h, 7:30 pm

Children and Family Friendly Worship Service, December 30th


News this week

Christmas Sweets Bake Sale!

The Youth Group will have a fund-raising bake sale after worship on December 23rd.

If you are willing and able, the Youth will welcome your contributions. More information in coming weeks.

Please keep the date in mind.


Christmas Programs

Choir’s Christmas Cantata – during service on 23rd

Children’s Christmas Eve Service, 4:30 pm. This will be an Interactive service for children and their families with skits and music and a craft activity to build a nativity scene while the children learn the Christmas story. This program will be limited to 30 children and their families. We will reserve space for our own children but please let us know if your child will be attending. When you invite children, please let us know that they will be attending. Make reservations with Pastor Dennis, Laura Durling, or Janet Millspaugh.

Adult Christmas Eve Candlelight Service with Choir, 7:30 pm.

Child and Family Friendly Worship Service, December 30th.


Join Harmony Falls for Christmas

Harmony Falls will provide a free concert for our church, family and friends in the Sanctuary, Monday, December 17th, at 7:00 pm.


Food Pantry Looking for New Coordinator

The Trumansburg Food Pantry is looking for a new Coordinator. Anne Haus is stepping down at the end of 2019. The position is volunteer but of crucial importance to the Pantry. The Pantry would like the new Coordinator to be in place by early spring in order to receive adequate training and preparation. The position allows time for vacations and being away. Below is a list of duties.

  • Cover hotline when volunteer is unable to
  • Pick up food from the Shur-save                                                              
  • Keep track of recalled foods and take appropriate action                  
  • Sort food on downstairs table
  • Assist where needed during daytime distribution
  • Coordinate Food Drives with Boy Scouts, School and others when asked
  • Run Steering Committee Meetings
  • Oversee the evening pantry
  • Write grants for money
  •             United Way/ United Way outcome reporting
  •             Presbyterian
  •             HPNAP
  •             Cargill Sometimes
  • Organize fundraising events
  • Speak to community groups when asked
  • Report annually to TAC
  • Participate in County coalition meetings
  • Participate in Food Bank small pantry meetings
  • Represent our pantry to The Food Bank of the Southern Tier
  • Monthly Statistics; Safety training
  • Annual conference;
  • Complete and sign contract
  • Implement updates from Food Bank
  • Civil rights training
  • Coordinate with school backpack program when needed (usually to purchase food at Wegmans for need products)
  • Coordinate with CARS for community service volunteers
  • Be a community source for those needing social services
  • Consult with Salvation Army for using kettle campaign money

See Pastor Dennis for more information.



For your convenience, the church is now able to receive your tithes and offerings on-line at our secure website: Just click on “GIVING” at the top of the home page and you’ll be directed to the giving page. Simply follow the simple directions on the page.



People Caring for People

Please be bear with us and be helpful and supportive as we implement our People Caring for People (PCAP) program in the coming weeks. The program will include a Child Protection Program, Fire Evacuation Plan, Medical Emergency Plan, and a Violent Intruder Plan. These plans will be in place by the end of the summer.


Our vision for ministry: Every person in the church will find an opportunity to participate in a mission or ministry that fits her or his God-given calling, gifts, and abilities, and physical, financial, and family circumstances.