Who We Are

First Baptist Church is a welcoming, family friendly, user-friendly, multi-generational congregation. Our worship service is informal, spirit-moved, and joyful with much praise and a wide range of music from a diversity of people and groups. We believe in prayer and hearing the word of God through our music, scripture, testimony, and preaching. We like to laugh together, eat together, cry together, pray together, and celebrate together.

We are mission minded, giving a generous portion of our income to missions, reaching out to the community, and sending our members on short term missions.

We provide a full service Sunday School program serving pre-school to adults (see the HOME page for times).

During worship, we provide a nursery for infants; a play group for young children; and a Children’s Church for older children.

We know in our hearts that Jesus Christ changes lives when we truly accept his Lordship. We believe the best way to proclaim the gospel is with an honest and genuine walk with the Lord.

We preach the good news of the resurrected Savior who is seated in power at the right had of God, our Father. In our worship, we open our hearts willingly to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We pray that the fruits of the Spirit are evident in our everyday behavior.

Our Story

Our journey is a life-story with joy and grief, triumph and brokenness, peace and struggle. Our Story began with the religious revivals of the early 1800's that flowed down the Erie Canal and spilled over into the Finger Lakes and into Trumansburg where twenty-six believers were moved by God's Spirit in 1819 to form the First Baptist Church.

The church grew rapidly enjoying blessed Christian ministry while suffering tragedies. The second Meeting House burned down in 1849. That didn't stop the congregation; they built a new church in 1851 and worshiped there until 1981. During that time, many pastors served God well, but the congregation grieved the sudden death of one beloved pastor and the wife of another. It watched its children and one of its pastors go off to the Civil War, two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, and several other places in service to their country.

In 1964, the congregation federated with another church hoping to improve the ministries of both but soon voted to end the experiment and resume its ministry as First Baptist Church, gathering again in the aged meeting house until 1982 when it built a new facility. As with the first rebuilding, most of the construction on the new church was done by the members. The old meeting house was sold to the Conservatory of Fine Arts which occupies it to this day.

The new building has allowed the congregation to have a rebirth in Christ. We have an energetic Sunday School and Youth Group, enthusiastic worship, an active missions and outreach program, and a dynamic music ministry for children and adults. A diverse blend of music is an important part of worship, touching our souls, preparing us for prayer, helping us to reflect, and inspiring us in worship.

Our mission-minded membership has recently gone on short term mission trips to Mississippi, New York City, and Haiti and will continue missions in the future. The church continues its life-long habit of outreach to the community and region and its support of global missions, partnering with American Baptist Churches USA, the most diverse Protestant denomination in America, of which we are a member.

Our Commitment to God and One Another

Our purpose is to provide for worship, to develop Christian character, to encourage the hearing of the good news of Jesus Christ, and to advance God's kingdom on earth. We subscribe to the Bible as the foundation of our faith and practice.

We believe that Jesus Christ gives people a new lease on life. In God's grace and mercy, we come together to worship and serve him.

We joyfully join together with God and each other and, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, agree:
• To walk together in Christian love;
• To help people who attend our church to increase in goodness, knowledge, godliness, and kindness;
• To contribute cheerfully for the support of the ministry and relief of the poor;
To let all people, everywhere, know of the love of God seen in the life and death of Jesus Christ.

Also, we will strive:
• To teach our children the Scriptures and tell them the story of Jesus' life;
• To pray that our families and friends might experience God's love and worship Him;
• To be conscientious in our day to day lives, being faithful to Jesus Christ;
• To be just in our dealings with neighbors and faithful in our engagements, and  to be good examples to others as we live out God's principles of love and humanity in our communities.

We further agree to watch over one another in brotherly love and:
• To remember each other in prayer;
• To aid each other in sickness and distress;
• To encourage loving sympathy in feeling and courtesy in speech.


Our People


Pastor Dennis
Pastor Dennis
NYC Mission Group
NYC Mission Group
Judith - Choir Director
Judith - Choir Director
We preach Christ crucified (1 Cor. 1:23)
We preach Christ crucified (1 Cor. 1:23)