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AnyTown Church
Resting in God's Grace

AnyTown Church exists to proclaim the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ to our neighbors in AnyTown and create a Christian community that builds each other up in the knowledge and love of Jesus and shares His love to all those we meet.

We do this through worship services, small group ministries, service projects, social activities, and outreach to the community. We do not believe that church was meant to just be a 1 hour a week activity. Rather, we are each called to care for one another, build each other up in God's Word, and reach out to our friends and neighbors with the love of Christ.


What We Believe
Growing in God's Way

From the moment that God created the universe, He knew the plan of salvation he had in mind for us. He spoke, and through His Word, the world was brought into existence. His Spirit hovered over the waters and when it was done, God declared it all to be good.

Even today, the one God, made up of Creator, Word, and Spirit (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit), still speaks to His creation and seeks a relationship with us. In fact, we were created for that very purpose. Unfortunately, through the sin of those first two people, God’s creation was corrupted and our relationship with Him was broken. People often talk of seeking God, and how humanity has nearly always done so.  But the story of history is not so much one of us seeking Him, but rather Him bringing about his plan to restore that broken relationship and reconcile the world to Himself.  Please see especially: Gen. 1-3, John 1:1-18, Rom. 3:10-11, 2 Cor 5:18-19


Meet Our Pastor
Favorite Bible Passage: Habakkuk 3:17-19

I met my wife, Anna, in college at Georgia Southern University. After graduating, I followed her up to Atlanta for two years. In 2005, we got married.  We moved down to Anytown shortly after we were married.  Anna also started teaching at a Christian School at that time as a 3rd-grade teacher. Since then we have had two children, Jacob (born in 2009) and Eli (born in 2011).  

I was ordained in 2015 and  I was called to start a new church in Anytown, US, and that was the beginning of Anytown Church.