30 Days of Prayer

Love is a Many

Splendid Thing!

But it is most enjoyed and is most fruitful in the sanctity of marriage.

Join with the church in February to pray about and celebrate marriage in its many splendid variations. Each marriage is unique, but each is sacred.

Use the calendar to guide your daily prayers in February. Be with us in prayer for those needing Christ in their marriages. For families in distress. For Grandparents raising their grandchildren. For spouses caring for their ill or incapacitated other.

If you would like prayers for your own loving relationship, click on "Contact" and make a prayer request using the form provided. You do not need to give specific names of revealing information. Your concern will be prayed for by our  Wednesday Evening Prayer Group which treats all prayer concerns with strict confidentiality.

Prayer is a powerful antidote to today’s ills. Be with us in asking for God’s favor on marriages.

Scripture says, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective” (James 5:16).

30 Days of Prayer for February 
Sanctity of Marriage and Loving Relationships
1 Pray for Trust within the Marriage or Relationship2 Pray for God's Guidance in all Relationships.
 3 Pray for the healing of loneliness in Widows after loss of Husband.4 Pray that the void caused by the loss of wife be filled with comfort.5 Pray that Children will come to know Christ at a young age.6 Pray that those in abusive relation-ships will be protected.7 Pray that Kids of divorced parents receive Wisdom from the Lord.8 Pray for freedom of any addiction that is hurting families.9 Pray God's TLC  be lavished on parents of a Special Needs Child(ren) 
 10 Pray for Husbands to become strong Spiritual Leaders.11 Pray that Wives guide their home & children in Christ-like ways.12 Pray that Husbands walk in integrity & Keep their Promises13 Pray that Wives find their beauty & identity in Christ.14 Pray that Families Love God & each other unconditionally.15 Pray with Thanksgiving for Supportive & Loving Couples.16 Pray that Children have the right kinds of friends around them.
 17 Pray blessings on those caring for spouses with terminal illnesses.18 Pray that Couples walk in sexual purity and find satisfaction in their sexual relationship.19 Pray that Couples will Love God with all their Heart, Soul & Mind. 20 Pray that Families Pray and Read God's Word together daily.21 Pray that Couples be loving, patient, hard to offend & quick to forgive.22 Pray to disconnect families from influences that pull them away from Christ23 Pray that God will convict spouses of their sins & their need for a Savior.
 24 Pray for encouragement for Grandparents caring for Grandchildren25 Pray to Lift up Marriages, Parenting & Families in T'burg26 Pray that Couples be Baptized & stay in Fellowship with other believers.27 Pray that Christ is the Center of all Marriages.28 Pray for Health, Rest & Refreshment from the Lord.1 Pray for single people who are hoping for intimate and loving relationships.2 Pray that young people may be true to themselves & their Lord as they explore loving relationships in their lives.

Here is some information about marriage for you to ponder as you pray:

Ten risk factors for Divorce (not in order):

1. Marrying Young:
The younger a couple is when married, the greater the chance that they will be divorced
2. Cohabitating Before Marriage:
After five years, cohabitating couples split up at more than twice the rate of married couples
who did not live together; sixty-two percent split after ten years.
3. Number of Previous Marriages:
Divorce increases with each subsequent marriage. Repeat marriages can be troubled by the effects
of blended families and complicated by ex-spouses, among other dynamics.
4. Lack of Religious Affiliation:
Regular church attendance seems to curb the impulse to call it quits when a relationship begins to sour.
5. Money Matters:
Poverty is one of the foremost indicators of divorce. Fighting about money once per week increases the
risk of divorce by 30 percent.
6. Education:
The higher the education level, the lower the risk of divorce. Many factors play into this.
7. Extramarital Affairs
8. Emotional or Violent Abuse
9. Addiction
10. Lack of Communication:
If one or both partners are unwilling to communicate about issues, marital satisfaction declines as
both partners' needs are no longer met.

Suggestions of actions your prayers may lead you to take if you recognize one or more of these factors
negatively impacting the marriage of someone you know:

* Increase and focus your prayers on the issue at hand.
* Give the couple special encouragement.
* Talk to one or both spouses if feasible.
* Sometimes it can be helpful for a couple to be made aware that their circumstances can be a
stumbling block in their marriage. For instance, it could be a great help to warn a couple that
financial issues outside their control can come between them.
* In some cases, suggesting that a couple seek counselling or talk to a pastor or trusted outsider
who could steer them in a good direction might be helpful.

Your daily prayers may open you to other actions, such as:

* Visiting a widow or widower friend.
* Sending a card to your grandchild.
* Inviting a family to church.
* Agreeing to watch a couple’s children so they can spend an evening together.
* Calling a grandparent friend who’s raising a grandchild and letting them know you’re proud of the 
sacrifice they’re making.